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New York Times launches Foursquare friendly city guide

Foursquare is at the top of my current watch list, it seamlessly integrates social interaction with the business community, and builds interesting virtual community groups.  News today is that the New York Times had launched an app for the iPhone (iPod touch and iPad too) which allows you to carry their critics around in your pocket.  At your fingertips will be the best places to eat and drink in Manhattan and Brooklyn- sadly the rest of the city isn’t covered.  What makes this particularly interesting is that it also allows Foursquare check-ins, which is where you announce your arrival at a listed location.  I mentioned in my earlier article on the subject about the upcoming Facebook local  and pondered whether or not it would chose to interact with Foursquare or try to rival it; the interactivity between this NYT app and the Foursquare interface suggests that Facebook might just have to bite its tongue.

Image from the New York Times (see below)

Billed as The Scoop, the app is already available in the app store and describes itself as ‘the insiders guide’.  Updated with weekly where to eat and drink listings, as well as local events, Mashable reckons it’s best suited to locals rather than tourists.  Foursquare users are already taking advange of special offers and discounts from bars and restaurants hungry for their custom and positive instant feedback, perhaps this will pave the way for NYT specific offers and events?

If you’re not iFamily equipped but would like a look, a web version is also available.

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The Scoop - The New York Times
The Scoop NYC for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
Do you, ahem, Foursquare? Perhaps you should

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